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Feature:2 in 1 video parking sensor
Feature:blind spot detection
C722 USA License plate video park...
Feature:USA License plate 3 in 1 video parking sensor
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Why should I buy from CISBO?

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Here are a few good reasons:
> We only sell Parking Sensor kits.
This means our product knowledge is second to none.
> Quality kit at sensible prices.
We are the professional manufacturer of parking sensors,so w e can offer more competitive price than others.And most of our products have the CE,E-MARK,ROHS and FCC approval.Moreover our factory has passed the UKAS ISO9001:2000 Quality system certificate.Many of our customers are so satisfied with our products,such as toyota,audi.
> Our commitment to quality customer service.
Try us, if we disappoint you then we will give you your money back.
> Great Before and After Sales Service.
We are happy to answer any questions you have whether it is to help you choose parking sensors or answer questions regarding installation.



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